Sculptured Colour originally grew out of a passion to give colour a new form.
Initially, polymer clay proved to be the perfect material to create objects that allowed full creative expression with regards to structure and colour.
The introduction of other materials led to the development of an eclectic range of jewellery objects, combining art with design.
The design process does not start on a drawing board, nor in front of a computer screen, but by researching a broad range of materials foreign to traditional jewellery, by touching, forming and reforming, to compose an arrangement that is balanced but unusual, surprising and free in form.
The value of the evolving jewellery objects does not derive from the preciousness of the materials but from the creative exploration process and the emotional and sensual power of the individual piece.
Every item is completely hand-made and unique, corresponding to the individuality of the wearer and providing a platfom for self expression.

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